Frequently Asked Question's

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you still have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us via email at or by giving us a call at 682-708-1800.

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When should I get my tan?

We always recommend a "trial tan" at least 2 weeks before any big event spray tan. This allows you to make sure you are in love with the color and tone of your tan. When you book your appointment for the actual event, we recommend coming in 2-3 days before to tan. 

How does airbrush tanning work?

The active ingredient in all tanning products, including spray tanning, is known as DHA, or Dihydroxyacetone. This ingredient is naturally derived from sugar cane and reacts with the amino acids found in the skin to create a browning or staining effect. The color will gradually fade over the course of 7-10 days through natural skin exfoliation. 

What do I need to do before my appointment?

The most crucial step before coming in for your appointment is to thoroughly exfoliate your skin so you can get the best possible results. Our exfoliating mitts are perfect to use with a spray tan safe body wash or scrub, which you can pick up in store a few days prior to your appointment! You will also want to shower, shave and exfoliate at least 12 hours before your session. Any waxing, manicures or pedicures will need to be done at least 24 hours before your service. 

What do I wear for my appointment?

During your airbrush session, you may wear (or not wear) whatever you are most comfortable in. Keep in mind, anything worn during your appointment will leave a tan line. We do have client disposables in the salon for complimentary use or you may bring/wear your own undergarments or swimwear. Men must wear bottoms of some sort. 

We recommend wearing dark, loose fitting clothing immediately after your session. NO yoga pants, skinny jeans, leggings, etc.

How long does the appointment take?

The entire process from start to finish should take about 20 minutes or less. 

How long will my tan last?

On average, your tan should last 7-10 days depending on your at home aftercare. Unlike other beauty services, the life of your tan is 50% dependent on the clients prep + aftercare regimen. We cannot stress the importance of prepping properly and using the proper aftercare products.  Please be sure to follow our aftercare guidelines and your technicians recommendations to a T to ensure a long-lasting tan with an even fade.

Will the tan stain my clothes, sheets, or furniture?

All of our solutions are fully customizable meaning if you are worried about the cosmetic bronzers in your airbrush tan staining certain materials or surfaces, we recommend you to opt for our "Clear Rapid Tan". This is the only way we can guarantee the solution won't stain any of your items. We do recommend wearing dark, loose-fitting clothing after your appointment yo minimize the risk of bronzer transfer. Please note, our bronzers are water soluble and should rinse out of most fabrics if contact occurs. Be sure to cover leather car seats/furnishings and avoid direct contact. 

What is the difference between our Spray Tan Options?

The main difference between these services is their rinse time. All of our tans will offer the same color results and longevity.

With our Classic Tan, you will need to wait at least 8 hours before you can shower, get wet or sweat. With our Rapid or Express Tan, you will need to shower within 1-6 hours at the designated time given to you by your spray tan technician. 

Other important product notes

To make this selection easier for you, we have formulated an entire line of Spray Tan Safe products that you can shop in store or online.

You will NOT want to use baby oil, products containing mineral oil, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Alcohol, or acne washes with your spray tan. These will all fade your airbrush tan faster. We also recommend using a pH gel-based body wash to shower and shave with. AVOID using Dove, Oil of Olay or any Bath & Body Works soaps/body wash. When choosing a moisturizer for your tan, make sure there is no mineral oils in the ingredient list. 

Can I spray tan while Pregnant?

Most people (including expecting mama's-to-be) are suitable for airbrush tanning.

However, every person and every pregnancy is different so, if you have any concerns, we would recommend consulting with your OBGYN.

All of our tanning rooms are equipped with the best extraction systems on the market to reduce overspray inhalation. All of our sunless solutions are also naturally derived solutions with only the best ingredients.